Nancy Foster

Mexican-American fantasy authorAuthor of Fragmented Fates and the An Ominous Book series

Close-up of the book protagonist Talgel, a medium dark skinned female elf that wears a masquerade mask

Fragmented Fates (Fragmented Fates Duology, #1)

A dark fantasy political drama starring four elves whose fates will be manipulated by a demon for its own nefarious purposes

Savior on the zenith (Fragmented Fates Duology, #2)

Second half of the Fragmented Fates Duology. Tioja's loyalty to his mother and half brother becomes tested when a new threat appears in his birth city. Saving it carries a hefty price.

An Ominous Book (An Ominous Book Series, #1)

The first book set 800 years after the events in Fragmented Fates. Lord Spaulding's comfortable life as the mortal ruler of the Kasimma Clan is ruined when his two unwanted human relatives show up his doorstep one day.He must return them home and destroy a dangerous magical artifact before the Elf King and the Äimite guard find out.

Separation (An Ominous Book Series, #2)

Used as a fool from the very beginning, Spaulding is arrested under suspicion he helped murder the entire Ayrtainian royal family. His only hopes to leave his prison is to join the Äimite guard.Meanwhile, Richard yearns to know what happened to his uncle Spaulding while his country is in chaos. Both parties remain separated as the Ominous Book waits to cause even more bloodshed.

Exile (An Ominous Book Series, #3)

Two heroes are on the lam. Taking advantage of the chaos from Nelida's attack and the lunar eclipse, both Spaulding and Richard escape the Elf Kingdom.Angered and humilliated, Lord Froylan must choose where his true loyalties lie before the Ominous Book destroys his nation.

A curse of optical haptics

One does not choose their family. But Leenx can still find the way of liberating himself from an ancient family curse. Can he pay the price? An upcoming Sci-Fi fantasy.

Sometimes dead is better

An upcoming collection of short horror stories with a Mexican twist. Written in English and Spanish.

An Ominous Book Blog

An occasionally updated blog about book updates and accidental plot holes